Personal Care
Skin Care

We are a major producer of a wide array of toiletries range such as :

» Hand wash
– all types of gel and cream based hand wash
» Body care range
– Goat’s Milk shower cream, Fruity and Floral shower creams and bath gel with moisturizing, nourishing, invigorating and whitening properties.
» Hair care range
– shampoos , conditioners, hair mask , hair wax.

» Hand & body lotion
– general and specific targeted lotions enriched with plant extracts including shea butter lotions. 
» Skin care range
– basic skin care regime for all skin types (cleanser, toner, moisturiser) and advanced skin care products such as day cream, night cream, miracle and spot gel.

» Baby range
– baby oil , shampoo , bath , lotions , cologne, nappy rash cream , baby accessories wash.
» Feminine Hygiene range
– feminine wash, hygiene mist and
 roll-on deodorant.
» Men’s range
– men’s skincare range, hair-care such as creams gels, wax and masculine and sports body wash.
» Medicated and Antiseptic range
– encompassing hand wash, shower, shampoo and skincare with anti-bacterial ingredients.


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